Timeline not working

Howdy, This should be very easy, but I must have overlooked something because it isn’t working.

I’ve spawn an Actor at a location based on another Actor in the world. Collisions on the spawned actor are set to ignore.

The spawned Actor is suppose to raise up, using a timeline node. What happens is that the the spawned actor just shows up at the final Z-Axis location. I do not have auto start enabled, and the timeline never finishes. I have both a breakpoint and Print Node which never get fired.

See attached.

Your help is much appreciated.


Is that Timeline copy/pasted from somewhere else? The reason i’m asking is Timelines can get broken sometimes due to that and deleting then recreating the timeline fixes the problem.

I wish this were the situation. Just to be sure, I made a new timeline node, and it does the same thing. I was wrong about one thing, however, when I described the problem. The text shows up at the staring Z axis from the time line. It just isn’t animating

More info: It does isn’t updating. I put a print string node immediately following the Update pin, to print the Z_Axis, and it prints it once.

Problem Solved. After the Spawned object is created, I destroyed the actor in which did the spawning. Thought I never attached it to the actor from which the Spawn took place, and during game play, the spawned actor appears as it’s own entity, not as a child actor from which it was spawned.

I set the spawning actor to NOT visible and then destroy it when the timeline was finished doing its thing.


A further explanation is that when the spawning actor was destroyed, so was the timeline node that was animating the text actor.

Amazingly, this fixed the problem I had, thank you.