Timeline not working without Update node connection

So here’s what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m trying to replace my event tick executions with a timeline with an event track of length 1.00, basically I want anything connected to the timeline to execute once per second. I have one keyframe at (Time 1, Value 1) which I assume will execute events when it hits that keyframe. I have the timeline on autoplay and loop.

Now the problem is, when I have a print string attached to my track, it won’t execute events unless I have something connected to update.


I’ve tried connecting the print string to update, but it executes events way too quickly. When I have something arbitrary to connect to the update node, the print string that is connected to the track finally starts to execute at the correct intervals. My question is, am I stuck with having to have something connected to the update node? Or what am I doing wrong?

This sounds like a bug to me, but unfortunately I can’t test it at the moment. Maybe you can use a timer instead of a timeline? They offer exactly the functionality you seem to be looking for.


Oh, that is much simpler haha. Thanks for that.