Timeline not working (Possibly?)


I am following a tutorial which makes the character that the player is controlling change in size when you jump by creating a custom event and attaching it onto the end of the jump mechanic. It is implemented to make the character feel the the character is more life-like when jumping, to give the impression that the character becomes ‘thinner’ and longer when they jump and then compress when they fall.

I created a timeline just as the YouTuber did, however, it is possible the timeline isn’t working. I will attatch the images to show you what I mean.


Jumping Mechanic for double Jumping, limits the player to only two jumps and set jump height.


Is the timeline supposed to be grey, I mean the curve? In the tutorial his curve is red and selected a float too.

Any help would be lovely,

I think the problem you are having is that you run your code in the construction script. The construction script is basicly called at the start. Try to put your code into the event graph instead of the construction script. Basicly, you run your jump FX at the start of your game. What I would do is adding the code of the construction script to the “Pressed” state of the InputAction Jump. You can also use the released state. But this should actually work.
Your timeline seems to be ok.

Hope it helps.

I’ve done like you suggested but the JumpFX still isn’t working.

I tested it with a third person blueprint. It works. This is my setup:


I didn’t add anything different. And the timeline is exactly the same. I just changed the A lerp y-coordinate, because my character blew up like a balloon :D.