Timeline not working after complete task 1 time

With this when I point over an object and click with button it makes it grow from scale 1 to scale 1.2 (all axis) over 0.2 seconds. And thats It I cant expand it anymore it doesnt even start again, If i put the timeline in loop it only does it from 1 to 1.2 and does nothing else cant even stop it when i dont point over with the mouse anymore.
How can I make it when it already grew to 1.2 scale to be able to click the button again and then make it grow from 1.2 to 1.4 ?

i just realised i had Do N on the triggering event, anyway i turned it off and now i can keep expand it however the next time i press the button the timeline is not smooth instead i only grow the object with 0.2 more scale instantly

Use ‘Play from start’ :wink:

i messed around and done it

I will see your setup now but I just did it :smiley: It happened with setting new time (which sets it to 0.0) so i can start the timeline from begin the next time i press the button

or I will use your method, this means normal trigger always from begin ye

yes work from start is better :smiley: works same way but less connections

i hope it work mess things up as i use 0.2 sec delay for each event firing and im afraid lag may cause reset from start if object growth delays to finish on time, which means i will reset it a whole 1.999 seconds behind in time