Timeline Node works properly only once

Hey everyone. I’m a student making my first game on Unreal, and I was trying to Lerp my player camera to another position based on its overlap with a certain object, and Lerping it back to its original spot every time the overlap ended. What’s happening is that my Lerp nodes work fine during their first run (where they Lerp over 1 second), but all the subsequent times, the camera straight away snaps to the final transform, without showing the one-second transition.

What could be the problem here? If anybody wants additional information, please let me know. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

You probably use “Play” instead of “Play From Start”. Play will Resume from where it left off.

Ah right! That fixed it! Thank you so much! I’m super new to timelines so I didn’t think of doing this; that’s stupid of me haha.