Timeline/Matinee in a blueprint

Hello, I finally learned how to make a door that opens and closes using line trace (my blueprints shown in screenshots) everything seems to be working fine, but I’m not yet 100% satisfied with the result that I’ve achieved. My blueprint works with a timeline that rotates the door 90 degrees, Something like this works really well if you are looking for a simple rotation/door, but I was looking forward to a door that rotates, and with it the door handle like in real life and here is the bit that I’m really struggling with, I can’t find any way to to add one separate timeline to the door and a separate one to the handle, In my blueprint the door handle is the child of the door. I was also thinking about doing it with animation (with matinee) but I can’t find a way how to add the matinee to the blueprint, like for example I’ve tried to add it in a Level Blueprint, the way you would add it, it would be by highlighting the matinee in the World Outliner and clicking “Create a Reference to Matinee” in the Level Blueprint. In my door blueprint, when I click the right button on my mouse, I don’t have a such option.

I be so grateful if someone helps me with this, anyways thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

First person character blueprint.jpg

I have that problem at times when my matinee doesn’t show up. Try unchecking the the context sensitive box. Or by looking up “play” or “cinematic” and it should pop up.

Still nothing, I get the play action but without the matinee and yes I have it highlighted in the World Outline. The blueprint that I’m using is a saved blueprint, do you think that may be the reason why it’s not showing up?