Timeline loop problem

I’m making an oscillating rotation for a target launcher, using a timeline loop, but it appears to go out of sync after approximatley a minute,
When the oscillation goes out of sync, there is a visible stutter on the static mesh itself and the angle shifts slightly out of its envelope, making the launched target land outside of the desired area.
Is the timeline reliable? Could something be interfering with it?

The timeline curve is 0 value at 0 seconds, 1 value at 0.5 seconds and 0 value at 1 seconds - A symmetrical inverted ‘v’, the output of which is connected to a Lerp with equal plus/minus rotation values.

I’ve tried a number of different types of rotator nodes, but the issue seems to be with the timeline.

Anyone have any ideas? This is twisting my melon.

I would change your rotation from relative to absolute: use “set actor rotation” instead of “add rotation”. I would save the initial rotation on begin play. Then for each timeline update, combine two rotators. The first should be your initial rotation. The second would be the lerp (from 0 to 1) multiplied by the maximum yaw degrees to rotate and the product converted to a rotator. I would think this should resolve your issue. In an ideal scenario, you should be able to add rotation endlessly and get the same result. But over time I imagine it deviates more and more from the expected result. Weird that it would stutter though. Is this in a multiplayer scenario by any chance?

Cheers Chumble, I’ll give it a try.

I gave up on the timeline method and used RInterpTo. Even with get/set actor rotation + multiplier. there was still a sync issue using the timeline. Problem solved though.