Timeline isn't working

As you can see here, (there’s a video link up there)
I assigned a hover event on a checkbox in a widget blueprint.

Since I wanted to use a timeline but widget blueprint doesn’t support timeline, I made a custom event in a character blueprint and connected them.

I wanted to make other keyboard parts fade-out when I hover on a checkbox (made each part of the keyboard’s images)

And… timeline accepts the fire and do nothing… the update pin isn’t being highlighted…

How do I fix it? Is it a bug? There’s no compile/runtime error…
And if there’s a better way to do this function, please let me know! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Try to use some boolean instead of flip-flop. You always call this event in tick and it toggles flip flop every time, I guess. Pass your isHovered variable to the event and use branch.

Oh I should have mentioned that… I prevented event from calling every single tick, I just took that part off in that picture. Still, in the video you can see that event is called just when I hover/de-hover