Timeline inside ForLoop?

Hello guys, i have a problem. I want to have a timeline inside a for loop, but it executes instantly. How can i make it that it waits everytime for timeline to end, and then execute loop again?

You might instead try to gate a while loop. Set a boolean at the beginning and end of the timeline and have it track whatever number you had in mind for the forloop. When it finishes the last run, it turns the boolean and the while loop off. Careful, it is easy to put a while loop into an infinite loop if you aren’t careful.

I have just found another problem. I have this Blueprint

When i press G, it should add 9.23° pitch to Glyph Ring. However it is just madly rotating for that one second and then stops. When u press G again, it instantly adds 9.23° to pitch.

Nobody knowS? :frowning:

you have to play it from start to play it each time you press G

It does pretty much the same thing, however it madly rotates even when i press G again…

You might want to check “Use Last Keyframe?” this means that the length of the time line will be where the last key frame is, as apposed to what you set it too. (by default i thinks its 5 seconds) After the first second it’s going to continue to add 9.23° each update/tick for the next 4 seconds, this is why it has the crazy spin.

If you have set the timeline to 1 second it could also be the fact that each update as it moves along the timeline it’s adding move and more to the objects pitch resulting in the overall pitch that’s being added greater than 9.23°.

You might need to do something like this instead.

Many thanks man, it works great now! I surely wouldn´t figure it out myself.