Timeline in UMG Editor

Hello Epic Games! :slight_smile:

I wonder, why we cant make timelines in UMG Widget BP. Because built-in animation system is very simple and doesn’t give me much control over my elements. Moreover, some of things I just can’t animate with this.

For example, I want to animate font size. I have to make timeline where i’ve created widget, make function in Widget BP, call it on timeline update e.t.c.

It would be much better if we could make timelines inside UMGwidget, because UMG animation is pretty useless now. We cant even make curves there…

Yea the widget BPs are just too limited over all, you can’t play sounds or do a lot of stuff. I’ve taken to putting my widgets in my HUD class and have all the real logic in the hud and the widgets are just dumb display elements.

Timelines/Timeline Editor are implemented using ActorComponents, it means that UWidgets would need to be Actors which would be too heavy weight for potentially hundreds of widgets on the screen - and bad for other reasons. Sequencer is being worked on, curve support is coming soonish. The long term goal is to replace things like the Timeline editor in blueprints with a much improved sequencer, because the Timeline editor as it exists today is a primitive representation of the desired goal of a good animation keyframer.

You can play sounds in UMG, there’s a PlaySound function on UserWidgets. Other than support for the Blueprint style Input handling (also requires Actor Components), and Timelines, what other big features from Actor based blueprints do you feel we’re missing?

Html & CSS Support :smiley:
But don’t be mad, this is some kind of bad joke :slight_smile:

But, to be honest, I’m very happy. UMG is awesome, but animation system is really useless now and I have to use external timelines for it. I’m not sure if it works as fast as UMG’Animation, but that is the only way to animate some things, that don’t support keys at all(like font size or something…).

hi AlFlakky… i would like to make some widget animation in umg, and such widget will be dynamically created or destroyed… so UMG animation may not be suitable… do you have any alternative method or suggestion… thank you so much!

I saw myself in a need of a Timeline Editor for UMG Widgets a few days ago.
I used Tick Event in conjunction with booleans that indicate if the Widget is animating.

The Widget Animations are too limited. You can’t do anything dynamic with them. For example binding the Translation to a variable.
You also can’t create Widget animations at runtime.

Can’t you guys implement a lighter version of Timeline as a hack to fit your own need, as another tick function with curve as parameter?

I made this, it might help


For some reason I can only fire this once? Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

UI Timeline posted by anonymous | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine

Solved it, plugged the reset from the Do Once into the inputs then connected the output of my custom event call into there