Timeline in blueprint

I’m trying to implement a colour change on my emissive light material. I’ve read through and tried to follow several articles but am confused the screenshots they provide of the timeline components. The one that seems to make sense has a ‘value’ pin. When I create a timeline the ‘value’ pin is missing. Yet another article shows a timeline with 3 totally different pins namely Brightness, Lightness and Trigger Toggle.

The screenshots are as follows:

1/ Timeline with ‘value’
2/ Timeline with ‘Brightness’, ‘Lightness’ and ‘Trigger Toggle’.
3/ My attempt at a colour blue print with no ‘value’ pin.

I’m on Unreal Engine 4.26.0. Is this a version issue? I believe the ‘value’ pin attaching to the Alpha attribute of the Lerp gives a nice fade when changing from one colour to another. If the ‘value’ pin has been removed in this release how do I achieve the same effect?

First of. Every time your timeline updates you are creating a new material instance. Instant fail.

Second of all, a timeline can output different types of values, including color. Ready to go, over time.
just create a vector3 value, modify it over time, and plug the output pin into the proper node.
** double-click a timeline node to access all its setting**