Timeline graph no longer visible

Not sure when this happened, but the curve of any type of track that I add to a timeline is no longer visible. I have the option of adding a key to any track but can’t actually see or work with it. Did I toggle something off?

I’ve ran other projects in the 4.12.4 editor and the graph is available. In my current project I only get a blank gray box. Still puzzled by this.

Oh i see, that happened to me too, but i just needed to restart the editor…

Same thing happened to me… I don’t know what happening…

Already done several times ehhehe

I noticed that this start when I merge other assets in my project. So, I deleted the “intermediate” and “saved” folder of the project and it works now.

Thank you! I have mine back. That stumped me for a while.

If anyone else encounters this, I had this happen when the “auto frame curve editor” setting was disabled. Instead of deleting all of “Saved”, you can go to Edit > Editor Preferences > Content Editors > Curve Editor and turn “Auto Frame Curve Editor” back on.

I’ve also submitted a pull request so this will hopefully be fixed in UE5: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/pull/8447