Timeline Graph Improvments


I have been using the blueprint timeline node quite a bit recently and found it frustrating to use at times, some of my feedback which I feel would improve it…

  • To be able to make the graph view bigger its currently in such a small space to make edits
  • To be able to drag a selection box around keys to delete them or make value changes to them instead of selecting them individually
  • To be able to show just a channel, e.g when creating a variable you have a red green and blue channel, to have a tick box (like isolate selected) so that you can JUST see the red channel or blue etc if you choose to. When they are all on top of each other it again makes things a bit tricky
  • The Zoom to Fit buttons both vertical and horizontal get in the way of curve editing, when my values were near them i found some of my keys hidden behind those buttons so i had to keep panning to see the keys. If those icons were moved to maybe the top tool bar next to loop and replicated

Just thought id share my opinions with you

Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Same goes for the graph editor in particle editor. Both components could use some UI Design fixes.

I completely agree, ideally we would have just one curve editor (the Slate-based one in the Timeline editor) and it needs a lot of love. We just haven’t had a chance to get to it yet :frowning: Thanks for your suggestions though, we’ll certainly keep those in mind when we do focus on it!