Timeline Field of View / Aim Down Sight - Crash

I am trying to create a aim down sight where the camera’s Field of view, however for some reason every time i try it, the engine crashes, and in the crash report it only shows my machineid and my epicacccount.

Would anyone be able to help?

MyCharacter BP:


Using engine version 4.6.1

(Also, for aim down sight, i was planning on just decreasing the FOV slightly, and then somehow adding an aim down sight animation to the arms, however i am not sure how i would transition from the idle to aim, i am guessing animation blueprint somehow though? I see in the shootergame example that there is a ADS animation, however because its c++, i cant quite figure out how to do it in blueprint. )
((Also, do i want ‘Use last keyframe?’ ?))

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

You’ll probably find that you’re setting the fov to a negative value.
e.g. 90 - 1, 89 - 2, 87 - 3 … n - <value greater then n> crash.

You want to change “Player First Person Camera => Field of View” - “Aim Down Sight Fov” to “Player First Person Camera => <some static default FOV>” - “Aim Down Sight Fov”.

Ah, thanks alot! Solved it!

Hello Lawrie. I am having a lot of trouble getting into ADS. I am fairly new to UE4 so I was just wondering if you can help me out a bit? How do you implement ADS smoothly using blueprints? What are you doing in the timeline?