Timeline drop FPS dramatically

when i use actors who use timeline my game FPS drop dramatically, From 110/FPS to 19/FPS ( 0 Blueprints Errors) my machine works as a charm, work perfectly in game. Except FPS massive Drop.
Can you help me or just tell me where i did wrong or UE 4 Timeline isn’t supported to run more stuff at 1 scene.
Plus i try to do the same thing but without time line only with simple rotation Z = Delta Seconds, it works perfect but i have same problem Drop FPS not the same as Timeline to 19/FPS, with Z rotation goes around 23/FPS.

There’s some pictures of it, you can take a look at it.

This is path machine i think you get it what is use for.

This is Blueprint in Machine :

And FPS in-game :

Just to let you know there’s more than 4 machines in scene approximately (13-FPS) per 1 machine in scene that’s to much.
sry for my bad English i give my best.

The problem is you are firing the timeline every tick. You should use EventBeginPlay or another one-time event whenever you want the timeline to start.

Thank you for your answer but i find solution it was my mistake that was very stupid from me i make this post after 10 mins i find my problem but anyway may someone will have the same problem he will reach this post, The problem was every cilinder has CCD (Continues Collision Detection) activated and that’s why dramatically drop my FPS, i deactivate it and now its working perfect. But thank you for your answer that increase my fps a bit more 100/FPS 40 Machines.