Timeline completing movement too quickly

I have a timeline plugged into the Alpha on a lerp for the Z-movement of an object in a blueprint. The timeline is set at 10seconds long, with a keyframe of 0 on 0 and a keyframe of 1 on 10 seconds.

When the event is triggered all the movement happens within the first 2/3 seconds of the timeline. I have a debug text there to monitor the start and end and this changes as expected at 10 seconds, a good 7 seconds or so after the movement has completed - so I know it is running the full timeline.

I do not understand why the object movement is completing too early - any ideas?

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You are lerping wrong. Before the timeline, save the initial location in a variable and connect that to the lerp instead of using the current mesh location, which is constantly being updated, and therefore the lerp ends sooner.




Ooof, that did it - thankyou!

off topic, but how do you get the connectors in your BP to look like a circuit. That’s so cool