Timeline and lerp problem

I did this method and it worked

can I make a second Cube and make it invisible and take their location from it ?
like this image but I don’t know how to connect.

to make it easier to control

If you want to, but also figure out the vectors before going into the timeline.

i have a a problem with the time line. For example when i activate the time line the cube should go to 5.0 y and then reverse back to being 0.0 , but instead it continue going up to 10.0 y and the number continue increasing,

If you want to use TL and lerp to transform something, you need to figure out start and end coordinates before going into the TL. Otherwise everything’s shifting while you’re trying to calculate and it just wont work.

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can you give me examples ?

Tell me what you’re trying to do, I don’t quite get it… :slight_smile:

I’m trying to move a Cube to a position but because the Cube connecting to the COMPONENTS I can’t move it in the world if I move it it will come back to the COMPONENTS I hope you understand me
I find a way to fix it i make a second Cube and make it invisible and take their location from it
if you had any other method you can share

Sorry, no, I don’t get it :frowning:

Your cube is a component in a blueprint? Are other components attached to it?

I’m trying to move a Cube 1,Cube 22,and Cube 33 each of them to a position
I don’t know how to explain what I want but maybe this image explains itself

Like this:

I know is this method I’m trying to do something else sorry
but good to know the timeline can connect it to two set relative location.
in the above image I already solve it