TimeDination and Impart Base Velocity CharacterMovement

This is the second question about Impart Base Velocity CharacterMovement, but I decided to put it in a separate topic, because I think this behavior has different reasons
I have such a setup.
The character stands on an animated platform. UE in CharacterMovement calculates the base velocity of character from the movement of the platform and use it for Jump.

By pressing the gamepad right trigger, I set Global time Dilation to 0.1 and to compensate this on character i set CustomTimeDilation to 10. The world is slowing down the character remains at its speed.

By pressing the left trigger, I set CustomTimeDilation to 0.1 on animatetd platform.

Right and left triggers effect seems to be the same - the platform slows down, and the character moves with its standart speed.
But when i press right trigger (set global time dilation), the incorrect Base Velocity comes into the CharacterMovement component. BaseVelocity remains the same as without dilation, but it should decrease by 10 times. Character will have a much higher jump than he should. If our platform moves extremely fast, we slow it down 10 times, then when we jump character will fly off very high.

Left trigger (Custon time dilation) works fine.

GlobalTimeDilation = 1 , BaseVelocity == 400 (ok)
GlobalTimeDilation = 0.1 , BaseVelocity == 400 (not ok, because the actual speed of the character is 40 )
CustomTimeDilation (on Platform) = 0.1 BaseVelocity == 40 (ok)

Is this a bug or error in my setup with GlobalTimeDilation?