TimeCraft CCG

Hello there! :slight_smile:

I have developed a card game which has been tested (on paper) and fine-tuned for several years. The core mechanics are quite simple, and I was able to complete a single player version prototype of the game in 1 month. All core gameplay mechanics are implemented from starting a game to victory conditions.


  • proper card game, not a deck builder
  • very fast gameplay
  • few rules, easy to learn
  • only a couple cards are on the board at the same time, so the game is easy to follow
  • strong strategy element, based on the situation even the weaker cards become much stronger
  • no “casting cost” or any kind of resource management
  • possible to expand it to 2v2 coop

Team Structure:
The game design is finished, I do Blueprint Scripting for single player and add new cards, game mechanics, etc.

Previous Work:

Talent Required:
One teammate for (Multiplayer) Blueprint Scripting, for - no surprise - implementing networking in the game.

Skype: kronaut

I look forward to hearing from you! :slight_smile:

I love CCGs and have multiplayer networking experience, but I’m busy T____________________T Why this always happen… I’ll give you a shout if i can join you!

K, no problem :slight_smile: I already made a breakthrough a couple days ago with learning MP so I develop in a steady tempo now.

I could contact you on skype, and may be share some knowledge,hope that helps, this world needs more CCG games!

Whilst it’s probably a bit late now - tacking on multiplayer to a singleplayer project is a royal pain in the ***. In future you’d be much better off working as multiplayer from the start.

Best of luck!

It is kind backwards thinking I guess :slight_smile: I learned multiplayer after I finished the single player version, and I definitely couldn’t do it in multi from scratch, I’m not that pro :slight_smile: I thought if someones is interested and they see that the single is finished and fun to play with, it could be easier to find teammates with a working prototype. And they can help me learn MP during the process :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to worry! Having a working prototype is a lot more than most people come in here with :wink: