Time travelling in reality

I know Discovery Science Michio Kaku and Morgan Freeman denied time travelling as being impossible task there are also conspiracy theories about NASA,Tesla Moon landing fiasco also known as fake Mars landing colonization in movie Capricorn One NASA recorded in film studio like in GTA Sandreas,X-Files,Family Guy. Did Andrew Basiago,John Titor really time travelled same for Q Anon(Cliff Bleszinski knows about them I watched documentary movie The Fall of Cabal) do they know how to time travel? Albert Einstein just in his relativity physics prooved thing known as time dilation things related to nostalgia. In Quantum Gravity physics there’s just now like if we make mistakes in the our past just like in Sonic Adventure 2 we have to literally “Live and Learn” I watched YouTube videos of teleporting cars kind of like in Back to the Future series except double firemarks it’s hard to explicitly say if it’s myths,Urban Legends or paranormal activities such as Ghostbusters series. Are Aliens so technologically highly advanced that their UFO flying space vehicles able to time travel because in some paitings,Ancient egyptian hieroglyphs we can find some signs of Modern technologies. Who was first father of scientology? Nikola Tesla(guy who made flying saucers)or Ron Hubbard Science-fiction book writer?