Time synth creating distorted audio

What would cause music implemented in time synth to sound distorted when the same music sounds fine as an actor or in a sound cue in the game ?

It could be firing more than once and as its sample accurate the waveform stack together and clip. A play-once checkbox would be ideal on the node.

Good Idea but
Just Tried the play once -
No luck…

Is there some cache that might not be set high enough perhaps?

is the SUPPOSED to work on Mac OS?

Well wait - MY AUDIO DOES work in DAN REYNOLDS templates…

I just don’t get it

Oh Boy!
I found the solution to my problem
While creating a OBS video to describe the sound of the problem I minimized the screen of the unreal window and everything played correctly !
SO I am assuming that the graphics card on my computer cannot handle the computations of the full screen and the TimeSynth at the same time on my particular Mac OS machine
That being said - Dan Reynolds Templates still played with my music at full screen…
so I need to track down what settings need to be changed in the editor so that they don’t soak up the resources of the CPU or graphics card.

If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it