Time synth audio is very garbled playback

I am hoping that someone can shed some light on this for me. I just began working with time synth and it certainly looks to be something I have been searching for!
I can insert my audio into Dan’s blueprints and sound clips. They work fine. In addition, when I create a new time synth actor blueprint and replace Dan’ that will
play my audio as well.

When I try to open a new project and create a new time synth actor - the same process I used to create a new actor as in Dan Reynolds template- the audio play back is very garbled soft and slow.

I can confirm the following for the new project

  • audio is 44.1 16 bit
  • time synth plug in enabled
  • dsp and sound utilities plug ins are enabled
  • the new audio engine is enabled via config file
  • this is a Mac book pro
  • Frame rate is set the same as Dan’s template
  • I am running 4.22 but I get the same result on 4.23
  • quantization is set the same as the audio file
  • Time synth is a component of the actor blueprint
  • Audio files work fine in sound cues or simply dropped into the scene

can anybody think of a setting that I could be missing?
For this to be a tool I can use I need to know the project settings necessary to share with the developer.

Tom Davis