Time Sync - Sync time across the network and measure latency

2/17/22 Update - This project is no longer being worked on and we have no release timeline at all. It may never release.

I was unsatisfied with the network time built in to Unreal, so I made my own! Time Sync gives clients access to the server’s time, and even allows the server to get the time on any client. As a bonus you can track latency between the server and any client and vice-versa. What more could you want?!

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Sync time across the network and measure latency between server and clients.

For any networked project it is critical that everyone agrees on the time. Time Sync provides a highly accurate method of syncing time, providing all clients access to the time on the server, and additionally providing the server access to the time on each client. Latency between the server and each client is also calculated and made available on both the server and clients. This can be useful for lag compensation, debug purposes, or just to display the latency to your users.

All functionality is implemented via exceptionally organized Blueprints, with tons of comments to help you out. C++ wrappers are also provided so that you can make use of the plugin from your code.

This plugin can be used with Smooth Sync to improve syncing and enable lag compensation.

Docs: Time Sync: Time Sync

Supports Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, HTML5.


Hey @fuestrine. Is the Time Sync plugin still coming to the Marketplace? If not, is there any other way to get it?

+1 Also need the time sync feature

Sorry but we have stopped development on this and currently have no timeline for the release.

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