Time SHIFT Support Thread

**Hello! My new Time SHIFT blueprint is available now in Marketplace !

I’ve made a video :**

  • See the list of full updates below *

Full playlist and Overview at:

Update (01-28-2017):

The TimeSHIFT Demo is now available ! (for windows 64-Bit)

Try it now for free: Time SHIFT Demo ( and “BIG COLLISIONS”

Note:The demos includes The “Overview” and "BigCollisions"map. In commercial project all maps are included (,, and


What Time Shift does?* Time Shift works like a “rewind” and allows you to reverse the movement of any static mesh!*

You can use the RightMouseButton event or just drop the “Trigger” BP into your level and pass through it!

**If you need to reverse movement of any static mesh, my blueprint does it for you ! **

Examples of use


  • Puzzle Games;
  • Scenes with big collisions using only static meshes (like the “train”]( video);
  • Scenes with collapsing buildings;
  • Scenes with time-lapse videos;
  • Scenes without gravity is supported too (example video)
  • And so on… **

NEW UPDATES (01-18-2017):

**Here´s the full list of new features: (TimeSHIFT_V2)

  • Hability to change material on back-in-time event with translucent effect
  • Hability to change texture of material on back-in-time event with translucent effect
  • Added new Map (BigCollisions) & (Blocked Trails)
  • Added Trigger BP to simulate RMB event ! >
  • Added free lowpoly asset (Jet Plane) with free particle (turbine effect)
  • Added simple timeline animation (jet plane collides with TimeSHIFT wall constructed by 130 actors)
  • Added camera cycle in various angles in new map.
  • Added “Event tick” alternatives for best performance. Use Delay for tick. Best performance at 0.03 seconds. Best smooth results at 0.02 seconds.**


• For $9,99 what do you offer ?

• I´m offer the main blueprint with the basic SHIFT time + 3 variations :

• 1-TimeSHIFT basic (with basic static mesh model)
• 2-Time SHIFT explosion (basic static mesh + explosion effect)
• 3-Time SHIFT train (basic train model
• 4-Time SHIFT Trigger (works like a trigger)

• Example Map + Overview Map + Blocked Rails Map + BigCollisions Map

• Fully commented blueprints

• Video Tutorials on Youtube + Tutorial Blueprint (in Blueprints\Tutorials)

Technical Details:

Number of blueprints: 1 (+3 variations)
Number of static meshes: 2 (Train + Cube with basic materials)
Number of effects: 1 (basic particle system)

Work without gravity : YES

Tested engine versions: 4.14.1 - 4.14.3

Go and check it at marketplace.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

E-mail contact:

YouTube channel :