Time Remaining Animation Blueprint Not working

I have a simple animation blueprint for an enemy in my game, pictured below:

The problem that I am having is with the Attack state. What I want to happen is once the enemy overlaps with the player character, play the attack animation. Then, once that attack animation is completed, transition back to idle, and let the actual character BP determine if we should attack again.

The first initial attack on overlapping works, as I am setting a boolean in the character BP and reading that in the event graph of the animation BP. Here is my event graph for the animation BP:

What is happening right now is that the enemy will overlap with the player, and start the attack animation. The animation will then proceed to loop forever. Here is my Attack to Idle transition rule:

Can anyone help my out as to why this transition is not happening after the animation completes? Thanks.

I’m not sure what cause the problem (may be you use different animatoin inside of the animation state?), but, for transitions like this, it’s better to use ‘Automatic Rule’ checkbox instead of checking animation time. Set this checkbox and leave transition rule empty.

Thanks for replying @YuriNK ! That helped!