Time Of Day Tutorial still working?

Referencing the wiki regarding the Unreal time of day system made in Blueprints, I seem to have hit a snag.
Heres the wiki and video
A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums to piece the blueprint together, I cant seem to pull up a few tiles, namely “Set actor location”
Any ideas on how to get time of day to work now?

I looked trough the tutorial quickly. I never actually sa it set the location.
But I did see it set Local Rotation. Could be part of the?

My bad, yes, I followed the tutorial until I came to the “Set Actor Local Rotation”, it apparently does not exist, even if I uncheck context sensitive in the right click menu.O_o
I don’t know of another way to do , aside from TimeLine, and I really dont want to use Timeline lol
Any idea?

I don’t have the editor before me, so I can’t look it up, sadly.

Do you mean the “Add actor local rotation” node?
Try first dragging from the light source and typing it in the context menu that opens.

tutorial works fine, I tested it on 4.4.3 so you probably are doing somethink wrong

Running on 4.5.0
I’ve looked at my scene, and my blueprints, don’t see where I’m going wrong.

picture shows my level blueprint, dragging from my directional Light object, set to moveable.

second Picture shows the same settings, only the Context Menu has been disabled to ensure I get all results possible for the selected actor.

It works for me in 4.5, if you right click in empty space on the graph and search, can you find it?

That’s because in 4.5 there is a huge blueprint bug, you need to enable the new blueprint system in the experimental area of the editor preferences. Also if you try to cast with the new system enabled, you wont find the things your looking for, you’ll need to untick the checkbox for the new blueprint system.

For now if you cant find something in the bp menus you’ll need to either check or uncheck the box depending on what you cant find.

I knew the bug was bad, but is just plain retarded lol. I tried both disabling the new BP system, and trying to bring up the “Set actor local rotation” tile, BOTH with Context, no context, and THEN tried enabling the new BP system, and doing the same thing(again, trying both context, no context).
It’s like the bloody command no longer exists.O_o

Mosel3y, You said your running 4.5 right? Can you tell me your exact setup? Do you have the new BP system enabled, are you just right clicking on the event graph and not dragging from sun, are you using context or not?
something is off here on my end, if the commands not coming up at ALL.

Try to use “set actor rotation” Im not sure if local is needed there

I don’t have it enabled. I’ve done each, with context on and off, dragging and not dragging, and it has worked for all of them, strange.


Guess you could just paste that in right, ah.

Begin Object Class=K2Node_CallFunction Name="K2Node_CallFunction_191757"
   Begin Object Class=EdGraphPin Name="EdGraphPin_177150"
   End Object
   Begin Object Class=EdGraphPin Name="EdGraphPin_177149"
   End Object
   Begin Object Class=EdGraphPin Name="EdGraphPin_177148"
   End Object
   Begin Object Class=EdGraphPin Name="EdGraphPin_177147"
   End Object
   Begin Object Class=EdGraphPin Name="EdGraphPin_177146"
   End Object
   Begin Object Name="EdGraphPin_177150"
   End Object
   Begin Object Name="EdGraphPin_177149"
      PinToolTip="Delta Rotation
Rotator "
      DefaultValue="0, 0, 0"
      AutogeneratedDefaultValue="0, 0, 0"
   End Object
   Begin Object Name="EdGraphPin_177148"
Actor Reference"
   End Object
   Begin Object Name="EdGraphPin_177147"
   End Object
   Begin Object Name="EdGraphPin_177146"
   End Object
End Object

I just enabled the new menu system, restarted the editor and I could no longer find the node, did you restart the editor after disabling it?

I would not recommend using the experimental blueprint menu at time, I ran into a few bugs, see here for more info.

To get to work, drag the wire off of the Sun variable and type “Add Actor Local Rotation”, note that it is ADD not SET. should work for any version.

If you want a completed system (no nodes need to be created in the level BP), download it from HERE it is an updated version of the wiki article. :slight_smile:

The real question is. Why would you setup time of day in level blueprint, instead of as reusable asset ?

I have Time of Day system done with blueprint, driven by curves and Tick and it’s sitting within it’s own blueprint asset, which can be placed on any level.

Same here :slight_smile:

The completed version of gregdumb’s time of day tutorial is a great starting point for creating your own system, I downloaded it months ago, got used to it, then started from scratch and built my own system, but it is a decent system by itself, not overly complex or anything.

Finally!!! I had to first disable the new BP system, then drag or right click anywhere and type “Set actor rotation”, as “Set actor Local Rotation” does not seem to exist anymore.

A big thanks to Nesjett and SaxonRah for helping me on , as well as everyone else.
I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions, but until then…Oooh, shiny sky. O_o

Nice, I had no idea that there was a blueprint for that.
One question though: When I load the TimeOfDayTemplate map for the new drag and drop time of day skysphere, the picture of the sun does not update with the directinal lights, it seems static, whereas my crappy system has it moving.
any idea on how to get that fixed? O_o

Hey sorry for the delay, I just noticed :slight_smile:

So you are loading the example project that comes with the completed skybox from the link I sent earlier?

You can use the example map if you’d like, otherwise you can create a new project (or use an existing project). First thing you want to do if you are not using the example map that was provided, in your level, find and delete BPSkySphere (or SkyDome) can’t remember the name, Once that’s dont just drag and drop the BP_Skydome asset from the content browser into your level. Now you will need to find a DirectionalLightSource to use as the sun, if one is not listed in the Scene Outliner, grab one from the modes tab and place it in the world.

Next, select the BP_Skydome in the scene outliner, and then in the details panel you will see a box that asks for you to select the sun’s lightsource, from the drop-down menu, select your directional light, and it’s now become the sun.

Make sure to save at point, then lower down in the details panel of the BP_Skydome, you will find a value called "Default Hour:, if you slide value left and right you can see the sun change it’s position. The variable below is called Time Scale. If you want it to go really fast, use a value of 800, if you want 1min = 1sec set it to 60, etc.

Hope that helps!! Let me know if you need any more info, I have created my own implementation of the one you downloaded, so if you have any issues, either post here or PM me if I’m not around. :slight_smile:

Much thanks , I can’t attempt anything right now as I’m away on work, but I’ll let you all know when I try what ya posted.^^