Time of Day keyframing unexpectedly

Using UE4.26, for some reason when I render out, the Time of Day changes? The source of my sunlight appears to move, even though I haven’t keyframed any of that???

You can see the shadow at the beginning on the foreground bush start to swing around, but again I dont have anything affecting a change in the Sun Sky actor, nor when i play the sequence in-editor does anything change.

Media Render settings are Apple ProRes 422, Deferred Render default settings, antialiasing with 16 temporal, and output to HD.

is there a blueprint that’s in the scene that’s controlling that light? seems like it would be if it’s not in your sequecner

I didn’t think so, but I found it had something to do with the ArchViz template that had sun and sky. I just had to get rid of everything and start clean.