Time of Day editor/runtime plugin

I’m working on Time Of Day plugin. It will contain dedicated editor, so you don’t have to deal with bazylion of individual curve assets, it will all sit in single place and you can edit it from here.

It works as simple asset. You create ToD asset, drop it into your level and puf! you have entire time of day system ready to work.
You can also reference actor in your blueprint or code,to get events like OnSunset, OnSunrise etc.

Next iteration will probably contain Clouds, if I figure out how do I exactly want to do them.

Now important thing. Plugin will be available for free from GitHub as source on MIT license. Which means you can do whatever with it, but you use it as is on your own volition.

But I want to put it on Marketplace, here will get Binary version for engine version + source + my gratitude and support if something doesn’t work.

Also please keep in mind that plugin will be compatible only with 4.6+ (unless you are feeling like integrating changes yourself).

As I made some changes to engine, to make editor work, and they will be integrated from that version onwards.

There are not screenshots yet of editor, I postponed working on it until there will be 4.6 branch on GitHub.
I think that is fair enough. Now the question, how much you would be willing to pay for it ?


  1. ToD asset contain:
    1a. Directonal Light set to Moveable (sun)
    1b. Directional Light set to Movebale (Moon).
    1c. Sky Light.
    1d. Atmospheric Fog.
    1e. Post Process Volume set to unbound.
    1f. Exponential Height Fog.
    1g. Night Sky (still figuring out how do I want to do it exactly).

  2. ToD is driven by Tick. So each frame ToD is uptaded.

  3. All exposed functionality is driven by curves (where it make sense). Which means you can setup any value over any time, and smoothly transition from it.

  4. Day can have any lenght. But as it stand now it require direct changes in source code. Nothing terribly complicated, but I want to improve it.

  5. You can scale transition time (full day in real world 1h, for example).