Time in Milliseconds since UE4 app started?

I’m wondering if there is a blueprint function that gets me something like Win32-Api “GetTickCount” (time in milliseconds since Windows started), but for the UE4 game (see GetTickCount function (sysinfoapi.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs ).

According to this Time | Unreal Engine Documentation there exist only blueprints that will have their time counter reset if I load another level.

Not sure have you tried these https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/BlueprintAPI/Utilities/Time/index.html

Maybe get accurate real time node etc will work

There’s a UTCNow node which returns the current date and time as a DateTime structure.

If you store this on Init in your gameinstance class as StartTime or whatever, then whenever you need to know how long it’s been running just do UTCNow minus StartTime, and then use the GetTotalMilliseconds node.

That’d work, but isn’t using fully featured time functions a bit heavy? Compare to two floats, I mean?

How often will you need to call it though?

Try this for a generic time function:

For milliseconds, I’m not sure if there’s a get time function, I’ve seen a few things similar using c++: