Time fx

Hello I,m strugling with time fx in UE4.
The problem is: I am locking the way to add some reverb and delay to a hovered sound in the menu´s botton but all information I find is about time effects with a real spaces asociation (rooms…). Also I have problems following the Unreal documentatio because I am to newe and ignore most of the concepts it mention.

It can´t be so hard I only want to add time effects to one sound and manipulate their envelopes but not much more.

Anybody knows a straight forward way to do that?


Thank you for the question.

Reverb and submixes can be a tad tedious but I did manage to find some relevant documentation.

For the reverb: you can find those in your Sound Class asset or more indepth with the envelopes in the MasterReverbSubmixDefault asset (found in the engine folder).

If you intend to use any engine assets, please consider duplicating it and manipulating your copied asset to fit your preferences.

Here is some helpful documentation on submixes if this interests you.