Time For Real

Title: Time For Real


Student Submission: Yes

Credits to sourced content:
Apartment Tech Props (UE Marketplace, I modified some textures using Photoshop)
Ultra Dynamic Sky (UE Marketplace)
Fire ,Impact ,Smoke ,Spark ,Explosion-Niagara VFX Pack (UE Marketplace)
The pixel material is from Steve’s Tutorials (Ue4: advanced materials (Ep. 46 TV/Pixel material) - YouTube)
Content Examples (UE Marketplace, I added some subdivision surface effect to the Unreal bulb using Blender)
ILIAD (UE Marketplace)
Realistic Rendering (UE Marketplace)
Starter Content

Screenshots of my project:

Hello there! My name is Zhang ZhiFei, a student from China. I have learned Unreal Engine 5 for about 6 months, and this project is my debut. My major is not relevant with the 3D world. I started this journey because I thought UE (especially its free ecosystem) is the best storytelling tool for individuals, and that’s why I focused on the story itself in this project rather than any technique alone. Actually, how to manage to tell a story which conveys a feeling in such a short time is another interesting challenge for me. The whole idea of this project is inspired by the name of this challenge “Better Light Than Never”, my UE learning experience, and the atmosphere of the Matrix demo. Static lighting is not allowed in my project. Hope you guys enjoy it, thanks a lot!

Engine version: 5.0.2


Quite impressive work, given that you have only used Unreal Engine for six months, @ZhangZhifei. Thanks for participating! :grin:


I really appreciate that :grinning:

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