Time Dilation with Sound

Is there a way to slow down the sounds along with the time dilation?

At the moment sounds stay unaffected.

You wanna that kind off effect of Slow Motion sound, with low pitch?

Try control the pitch of your sounds with a global variable.
Using the blueprint node, “get all actors of class” you can easily get all your sounds and change the pitch.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve gone ahead with this method.

The only problem I’m running into is setting the array as the target of the pitch multiplier. The error does not occur if the Set Pitch Multiplier node is not in the execution chain.


Use a for each loop node, you can get this context, by click-n-drag “out Actors” output.

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easiest way is set global pitch modulation

Note that the pitch modulation has an undocumented upper/lower bound. When setting the pitch multiplier to 0.001, the audio runs at a blazing 0.38 speed. And when setting the pitch multiplier to 1000, the audio crawls at 2.27 speed.