Time Dilation affects Physics Blend Weight?

I have a problem when an impulse during slow motion (time dilation = 0.01) is barely noticeable (AnswerHub) and I’ve just discovered that setting Global Time Dilation does something weird (ignore the twitching):

Things happening here: The character has “Set All Bodies Below Simulate Physics” set to spine bone and “Set All Bodies Beloew Physics Blend Weight” set to 0.9. Then I just switch Global Time Dilation from 1 to 0.01, and this is what’s happening. Nothing more, so I guess it’s easily reproducible with any character.

He ‘straightens up’ when I set Global Time Dilation to 0.01, and goes back to normal simulating when i switch back to 1. Maybe setting Global Time Dilation to 0.01 somehow affects Physics Blend Weight? What’s happening here? I would like to get physics simulation behave the same in both 0.01 and 1 Global Time Dilation values.