Time delayed pain causing volume

Hello all,

(Note I am building in UE 4.8.3)

I am currently making maps for a Steam game called H-Hour: Worlds elite. We currently have the ability to make maps for the game and upload them but do not have the ability to call functions that are build into the game (i.e. "press function to initiate damage volume to blow up bridge) I have added in my won destructible meshes that can be triggered by grenades and replicated on the server to open up breach walls and the such but with my newest endeavor I have hit a sang.

Here in-lies the issue…

I am attempting to create a trigger volume that a pawn can walk into to cause a pain causing volume to appear across the map. (aka drop a mortar shell on the opposing team). This means that the volume needs to only be able to be triggered once and that the pain causing volume that it it attached to much have a delay before initiation (so i can add sounds effects as a warning to the other team.) Furthermore once the explosion takes place I need the pain causing volume to disappear so that players can run through the affected location after the explosion has taken place (i.e. a life time on the pain causing volume attached to the explosion event. Further more I need for this even to only be able to be trigger once.

I am fairly new to blueprinting server replicated actions within UE4 but can manage to get around pretty well.

If anyone has some suggestions on where to start looking I would greatly appreciate it. I am not really looking for a complete walk through as I know you all have bigger things on your plates, however I have searched up and down the forums and still cannot find what I am looking for.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,