Time between start and end for each level?

I’ve got a map made up of 20 levels that are set in the same game space.

i want to get the time between the level starting and the point the player gets to a trigger, but I want it to do this every time the player starts a new level.

How is this done and is there a tut somewhere?

I might be misunderstanding your question, but are you asking for a counter/timer? It starts when the player spawns in and stops when they reach the ending? Like a stopwatch.

Is this for rewards (as in, getting to the end in a small amount of time would give the player an item) or is this just to have a clock on them (if it reaches 00:00:00 they die)?

No theres sub goals within each level, like check points and I’d like to get the time it takes the player to get to each.

So time to get to checkpoint 1 (triggerbox) from when they spawn, then the time it takes to get from triggering checkpoint 1 to checkpoint 2 (also a triggerbox).

Maybe the tutorial “Blueprint Time Attack Racer” can help you: