Time Attack is not working

Hi all guys i hope someone can help me out. I’m having issues with time attack blueprint creation. To be specific i followed this tutorial until the 6th part (here’s the link but I cant make it work at all. The problem I’m experiencing involves multiple checkpoints. Since i started working on the Tracker Blueprint (as described in the tutorial) the system doesn’t seem to work. When i start racing and i get to the last checkpoint, the first one doesn’t appear and i can’t start another lap, but this happen also when i refresh the map because all the trigger boxes disappear. Can someone tell me if im doing something wrong? Thanks!

What is the function ‘Race Complete Check’ returning? Put a print statement in the true and false outputs of this function so you can tell what is happening.

somehow i finally fixed it, but when I try to apply these settings to another vehicle (i’m using a bike as actor for my project), i have problems with controller reference and everything stop working