Time and possibly player tracking?

Hi there,

I’ve got a map that contains 20+ levels all played in the same game space as a mobile game.

My question is how do I get the time the player takes on each level (so from start to when he reaches a trigger that starts the next level)?

Additionally is there a way to capture the route the player takes for each level?

Is there a tut for something like this as I’m hopeless with the bp side of ue4.

Would really appreciate some help!

Many thanks!

Ok for the tracking side of things I’ve tried having a stab and done this in the level BP (attached)

But it throws up a shed load of errors please have a look at the attached.

What I want it to do is to log the player position and rotation to the logfile.

What am I doing wrong?

And for the timer?.. Timer.jpg

This will add player position to an array every .1s, add distance between the last two points and tell you the total distance. The timer is included, too:

I did not test it so if there’s something dodgy here, that’s just my bad. Let me know.

I MASSIVELY APPRECIATE that many thanks!

Everynone, I REALLY appreciate your help, but I need it to work between trigger pickups, how could I adapt it to do that?

so time and distance between trigger1 and trigger 2 and so on and so forth until the player gets to the final trigger 20?