Tilting Camera

I feel like this should be easy, but for some reason I’m just not getting the desired result.

I am working on a Free Running System and I would like to make the camera tilt when the player.

I am using this set up, but I would like the tilt to transition with the turn instead of snapping. Any idea how I can make this work a little more gradually?


Maybe you could use a timeline and rotate camera itself with a loop from -15 to 15.

Tried it and UE4 Crashed. I’ll give it a shot again. Using is usually my goto method at executing things over time.

Definitely didn’t get it to work with Timelines

You don’t want to be controlling the camera that way anyway, if you are using third person then you should be affecting the camera boom, and the way to smooth it is to use a interp node so it takes from and to values and gradually does it.

So On the keypress I would rotate the Camera Boom (Roll) and use a interp node?

What node would I use to rotate the boom?

Depending on the movement but i would try first a lerp rot set rot with a timeline (loop or number of rolls) -15 15 -15 from 0 to last time on camera itself but maybe camera boom does it too.

Edit : not seen Ghiest post, which maybe better idea.

Okay so I figured it out, but I think there’s a better way to improve this because using it is still a little buggy. It still sort of snaps, BUT I think if it’s mapped to the mouse rotation (When you turn the camera to look wether gamepad analog Right or Mouse look, it uses this to tilt the camera. Any idea how to achieve this?


Here is a way to do it with camera :

Hi, I am having a problem with this solution (it glitches). Would you mind helping me here? Much thanks!