Tilted Progress Bar

Hi there,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to get a horizontal progress bar that, instead of filling from left to right in a straight line, fills from left to right on an obvious angle.

Am I right in thinking masking would need to be involved?

if you place a progress bar in umg and scroll down to Render Transform, expand transform and there is an option called angle. try playing with that

The angle parameter simply rotates the bar (anti)-/clockwise.

To better illustrate, this image shows that when the percentage of the progress bar drops it moves in an unsatisfactory vertical method. I need to change the way the bar progresses, not where the bar is.

I played around with the “Shear” function for the progress bar which seems to be the way to do this.
Unfortunately there are other issues that arise from this, notably the distorted effect on the image.