Tiling terrain World Creator 2

So, basically I want to create a valley that will be viewed from above.
since I can’t (if you can please let me know) make a non square landscape in unreal, I’ll have to paste two landscapes next to eachother that tile.
This isn’t ideal but ok. So I created a landscape in World Creator 2 with seamless enabled hoping i would output a tiling landscape heightmap.
But I think WC2 just mirrors the edges to blend it which gives me a bad result.

so my question is:

how can I make a perfectly tiling landscape in world creator 2?
is there a posibility to input a heightmap in unreal and make it tile so I don’t need to make multiple landscapes and put them next to eachoter?

any sugestions or feedback is welcome!

So i just created a long landscape, exported the (non square) heightmap textures as tiff (because raw didn’t work for large scale landscapes) and converted them to png and cut them into 3 squares.
Created 3 different landscapes from these 3 cut square heightmaps and positioned teh 3 landscapes next to eachother so they aligned. You still see the seam from the 3 different landscapes but not from a distance.

Apperantly you should be able to tick a box that makes your tileable landscapes actually tile when exported and not just mirrored edges, but haven’t tested it out yet but I will post as soon as i’ve done that.
Non square landscapes within ue4 would be usefull