Tiling Flipbook Textures - Is there a way to only tile the UV space sample on one frame of the sheet?

Hey guys,

I’m having an bit of technical art dilemma here with my modular environment art. I need to Tile the end result of the my animated flipbook textures in the material editor. To do this i Must use animated texture sheets and the material function Flipbook.

I am using flipbook textures and in this example the one below for tiling water caustics

Here is the a video of the issue whilst using the texture on my light function showing it in viewport on a an environment and in the material editor.

[- YouTube][2]

The issue which I can’t figure out a way around is, when I increase the tiling of my UVs it tiles the entire sheet and not the current frame of animation. Which is a huge problem because naturally only identical frames tile with one another causing tonnes of seams throughout my materials. Below is an image of the result caused

Question in short: Is there a way to only tile the UV space of the sampled area on one frame of the sheet?

I would greatly appreciate any advice or work arounds or a solution as my entire game’s environments depend on the ability to make heavy use of animated tiling textures.



Was there an answer to this? I have the same problem! It’s tiling the whole texture sheet instead of just the single square section that needs to be animated.

And of course as soon as I comment above, I find the answer.

To those finding this now, you have to put a Frac between the TexCoord and the FlipBook functions.

TexCoord > Frac > Flipbook



Thank you! That was it!

Oh my god thank you, this was driving me insane and I was finding no good solutions!

yo so like is there a new way to do this in 5.3? also trying to do soemthing crazy so it might be breaking but eh :stuck_out_tongue: