TileView-related event dispatchers are not called if the TileView is cleared and then the same items are re-added?

Here’s the problem I’m having:

When I add items to a TileView, the event dispatchers are called normally (OnEntryInitialized and OnEntryGenerated for the TileView, and OnListItemObjectSet for the ListEntry). So far so Good.

If I clear the items from the list with ClearListItems and then add items to it that are different than the items I added before, again, these event dispatchers are called. Good.

However, if I clear the items from the list and then re-add the same items in the same order, the event dispatchers are not called.

It shouldn’t matter that they’re the same items because clearing the list should cause the TileView to forget about the items that were there before, even if internally, maybe the List Entry widgets are being reused somehow. I absolutely need these event dispatchers to be called even when the items are exactly the same so I can reinitialize certain things. I looked through the settings and functions of TileView but didn’t see anything that would relate to this. So, what can I do?

Anyone have any ideas?