TileView navigation bug? I can't press any tile button.

I made a menu with TileView, and I am trying to make it work with a gamepad. A tile(User Object List Entry) is a widget with a button. I want to use D-pad button or left stick to select an adjacent tile button, but it doesn’t work as expected while other buttons are ok.

With Render Focus Rule set to Always, I can see a blue wire frame on a focused tile and it shows that I can select an adjacent tile with a gamepad, but I just can’t press any button for some reason. Also, sometimes it teleports to a random tile.

When I open a menu, I get the first tile and set focus to it manually. And it works fine, I can press the first button.

I made a blueprint logic that in tick every tiles is checked if any of them is focused, and I found that the first tile(the one focused manually) is focused properly but others are not even though there is a blue wire frame on it.
Here is the logic. It just sets a focused button color.

TileView’s IsFocusable is set to false, and In a tile widget, every widget’s IsFocusable is set to false and Visibility is set to Not Hit Testable except a single button. So, what is focused on here?

Here is a demo video. When I open the menu, the first button is focused with SetFocus, and the button color becomes blue by the logic above. I can also press it. But using D-pad button or left stick to select an adjacent tile, only blue wire frame is shown, which means the logic above can’t find any focused button, and i can’t press it.

This is a demo project to show the issue.
To check it, unzip and open the project in UE5.0.3 and play with gamepad. Open the menu with gamepad special left button.

The workaround of this issue would be to use custom navigation, and manually set focus to an adjacent tile. But the problem is that my project(not the demo) adds tiles at runtime and I don’t know how to get up and down tile index while left and right tile index can be easily calculated(just decrement/increment index). If anyone knows how to do it please let me know.

Someone told me about OnFocusReceived function, which can be overrided in a tile entry widget. With this function, I found that navigation actually focuses on the tile widget itself, not button, even though the widget’s IsFocusable is false and only button’s IsFocusable is true.

If I set focus manually in OnFocusReceived as the image below, the issue that buttons don’t get focus and can’t be pressed is solved.

But still, the issue that navigation selects a random tile not adjacent one remains. It is different from the title, so maybe I will make another post.