TileSheet selection time

With the last patches fix on the spacing/padding issue for the 2d sprite sheet fix, another issue has appeared, it may just be my version, but i’ pretty sure this is a common problem.

When selecting tiles in the tile sheet, the selection time is n^2 where n is the number of selections made this session that the engine has been open. If you reset the engine ( open up the problem again ) the issue resets. There is an exponential calculation going on that is giving pretty major issues on selection times. The tile say at the 15 selection of the session becomes close to 30 seconds, and from there it just becomes even worse.

Hey WhiteKnight22,

I have attempted to reproduce the issue you are experiencing, but am not having trouble with selection times when selecting tiles within the Tile Sheet selector. If you are able to reproduce this issue in a blank project please provide me with some simple steps to follow so I can get the issue to appear on my end. Would you also provide me with your systems hardware specifications?

Thank you,

Hey Andew, so if you import a tile-sheet texture, apply a paper 2d texture setting then create a tile set. Now inside said tile-set using x=16 y=16 spacing x=2 y=2 then click around selecting places as if you were going to set collisions for them. This is where the slow down occurs.

Hello Whiteknight22,

Thank you for providing me with the information requested in order to reproduce the issue on my end. I was able to successfully replicate the issue you are reporting here, and have entered a bug into our system UE-17463. As for a time frame when this fix will be implemented, that is up to the priority and importance compared to the current issues within our system.

We ask that if users would like an update to their issue, or to see if a fix for a bug they reported has been implemented into a recent release, to look on our ‘Announcements and Releases’ thread on our Forums.

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Let me know if you have any other questions or need further assistance.