[Tileset] Tomb creator - Gumroad Sale

[FONT=Century Gothic]Tomb Creator

Originally i planned to release them on the Marketplace but it failed the quality check. Wich is ok if you dont want ultra rare high quality graphics like from infiltrator or the elements demo.
They just dont fit to the Marketplace but they easily can fit with todays indie games.
The assets were tested again and i hope they will help you on progressing your game!

The original price was 34.99 by the way. But well i changed it cause i know how rare money can be for indiedevs these days :c

You can right click the screenshots and open them in a new tab, then they are big as an elephant :3

Almighty Push =3

Reduced to 14.99$!

Have a good day :slight_smile:

Im still here too :3 push

These assets are still looking for new homes :3

Depending on your screensize. ^^
And when you minimize the window, they are small as mice, without genetic manipulation!

do they even have normal maps?

Sure they have. Normals specular basicdiffuse and heightmaps. :slight_smile:

Ill post the correct links so that is is working at all cost!


Now look they are realy more expanded c:

This is dropped to a low price of 4.99! :3 Have fun and a nice day!