Tiles/seams inconsistent quality



I have some problems with an inconsistent quality of my scan. 

Attached you can see that there is some kind of tiles/seams in the normal map which obviously comes from an irregular point cloud. If my captured data is inconsistent, is there still a way to reduce this effect. Like some kind of equalizer of the quality? So that the normal map doesnt have this irregularities





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Hi Nicolai,

what kind of dataset did you scan? What were your reconstruction settings? How did you captured the images?

Hi Ondrej,


I used around 150 images (8K,  8-bit TIFF) per board (170cm x 55cm). Normal detail for reconstruction.

The images where captured with a ringflash and are alle evenly lit. The albedo map looks perfect. 



Did you captured just perpendicular images or also oblique ones?

only perpendicular 

It would be better to capture it also with oblique images to get better 3D feeling.

Would it be helpful to take a picture like the one above in case of distortion when shooting vertically on a flat area in a horizontal range?

yunsik79, yes, basically it is the same principle.

thank you