TileMap Questions / Suggestions for UE5

Hi All, I have a few questions /suggestions regarding working with TileMaps in Unreal 5.

First Questions

  1. In TileMap Editor > Single Tile Editor: What does the “Pixels Per Subdivision” do? If I am using a Tile Size of 16x16 should those settings be 16? Lower? I am assuming the Subdivision referred to is the Tile itself (subdivided from the Sprite Sheet) but I am not sure and was hoping someone could confirm.

Question / Feature Suggestions:

  1. Group editing for TileMaps: Is there a way to quickly add Physics to many tiles at once? I would like to select a group of tiles and hit Add Box to add collision hitboxes to all of them at once.
  1. Same for editing Single Tile Editor variables such as User Data Name or Geometry Type. They are nice features but having to repeatedly click hundreds of times per Map gets old pretty quick. Is there a shortcut or other way to do this?
  1. Any other tips or tricks? It seems like an ok system but without being able to manipulate multiple tiles at once it is really tedious to use.

  2. When setting physics for a tile, if I wanted to use a Box with Tight Bounding Box, it would be useful to see the physics box in the editor update.

Looks like this is shaping up to be a really useful tool though! Hopefully some of the pain points will get ironed out in time.