TileMap disappear at project load and in standalone

Hi there :slight_smile:

I made a TileMap that I spawn through a TileMapComponent in a home-made actor (this actor replaces some tiles by flipbooks to make them animated, but that’s not related to my issue, at least I wonder).

Everything is working just fine when I play the game through editor, but here are two issues :

  • The TileMap doesn’t render when I open the project after closing UE. I have to delete my actor and place a new one each time.
  • When launching the game as a standalone, the TileMap simply disappears : no visuals, no collisions.

I found few issues of the same type on the internet before, but I found no solution to my problem…

Bye and thanks in advance !

I wanted to add a precision :
My actor IS making the TileMap Editable at some point, and I need it to replace some tiles by animated ones (and other things that I will need later on).
Maybe is the issue related to this ? I will try without this actor and comment with the result in a few minutes.

Ok, this IS working with a PaperTileMapActor (visuals and collisions) but it isn’t when I have a home-made actor that makes the PaperTileMapComponent editable.

So… I feel shamefull, but I found the solution 5 minutes after asking the question -_-

Here it is : make your TileMap changes in the “Construction Script” and not in the “Begin Play” event.
With this, it works in any case (standalone or editor preview).