TiledShot UE3


I hope I’m in the correct forum. If not just move the topic or if I’m completely wrong just delete it. I’m totally new to this whole UE-Stuff.

I have a question to the TiledShot-command within the Unreal Engine 3. I know what it does and how to use it but obviously I’m doing something wrong. I want to use this command while playing Mass Effect 1 (the same Problem occurs with Mass Effect 3) to create some High-Res-Screenshots because I love this game. I already did this with Mass Effect 2 where I didn’t have any problems.
But with part 1 and 3 I get some strange black lines in the final picture. I think they appear because of the vignette when stiching the “tiny” pictures together. I tried to correct that with a higher overlap of the shots but it didn’t help. The lines became much less visable but they are still there.
In theory I should get the best result with “tildeshot 4 960” (half the horizontal resolution, my resolution is 1920x1080) just concerning the overlap. Strangely I only get vertical lines.
I tried a lot (and I mean a lot) different settings with different overlap and/or size but nothing helped.

I also googled a lot and tried to inform myself more about UE3 but I wasn’t able to find a solution for this problem.

So, is there a possibility to get rid of these black lines? Am I doing an obvious mistake and I’m just to dumb to see it?
It would also help if it is possible to deactivate the vignette. I could do this with deactivating post-processing but this also destroys a lot of atmosphere and color.

I hope you can help me and sorry if I made any mistakes. My englisch isn’t that good.


I would recommend you to ask this in the UE3 or Mass Effect forum :wink: