Tiled World Level Streaming and Multiplayer

Hi Guys.

Hoping I could get some help from Epic and the Community.

I have been looking Level Streaming [Tiled Worlds] It’s working fine on single player well. I can get the tile to load when I want it. So I have looked into multiplier and that got me little confused.

According to There are two options to ge it working.
It’s not possible, but there are two work around to get it working.

  • I’m not interested in MMO world.

  • Then from the next sentence, I’m taking it I need to have “dedicated server”. The Dedicated server would have the world loaded and clients will get the tile the are on?

So hoping that anyone could clarify it and point me right direction.

I have working MP and my server loads to the map okay - , but the client loads in and it’s empty world. But it know it’s there cause the pawn is not falling.
[That’s when I host the game]
When I test the MP in Engine through the Play MP Function it works fine ?

Last question.

How would the foliage painting work?
I have noticed when I have loaded all tiles and started to paint and tested the map. I have noticed that all the trees and grass were flying in the world?
Am right to think that i need to load section of the level tile and paint it and then do it for all other map tiles?

Or how would I go around that? Obviously the aim to reduce memory usage and better performance!

Thanks in advance!

I’ve never bothered with documentation and I got it working on multiplayer. Listen server only though, but yea, it works. Loads all levels that players are on on the server and works fine.

Didn’t test it with foliage painting as I do it for mobile, but I had no issues with it.

So does anyone care to explain the method of doing this

I still can’t seem to get this to work. I host local game and when I join on client I see only empty world. - But not falling, it know the level is there. It just won’t show… Would be nice to get some help!